Orijen Dog Food Recall – Fact or Myth

Orijen Dog Food Recall - Fact or Myth

There’s been a little buzz online in regards to an Orijen dog food recall. I couldn’t find virtually any product recall information from the manufacturer, but saw a few incidents – although very minor in one case – that appear worthy of reporting.

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on November 24, 2008, a cat neurologist at University of Sydney had put down five cats in just one weekend. After she had conferred with additional vets, she had found that a large number of felines had been experiencing paralysis and had to end up being put down. They could ascertain that just about all of the suffering pet cats had been ingesting the exact same cat food manufactured by Orijen.

Peter Muhlenfeld, Marketing Manager at Orijen foods during the time, did believe that the deaths ended up being caused by the Orijen cat food, however did say the episode was only found in Australia. Samples were returned to company headquarters in Alberta, Canada and were determined to have a robust odor and that they were testing to find out if the problem could possibly be linked to irradiation upon arrival in Australia.

Another noted incident on a community forum on the web pertained to pet food incorporating salmon. Apparently a number of bags were opened up and observed to have many sharp fish bone pieces inside the kibble. In a reply coming from Charlie Kaufman of Champion Petfoods, Inc., he acknowledged there was clearly a batch of salmon commercial dog food “that accidentally had a few pieces of salmon bone fragments within it”. He further expressed the situation stemmed from their provider of salmon when they experienced mechandised troubles in their processing plant. Mr. Kaufman goes on to explain that even though the salmon had bone tissue within it, it wouldn’t always end up being problematic for pet dogs as their gastrointestinal system is a very strong design and can manage bones, and so on. (Think about all the things you’ve seen your pet actually eat! It’s not necessarily difficult to believe this statement.)

Because of the above, here’s exactly what I like regarding Orijen:

1.Orijen doesn’t purchase in bulk commodities for their ingredients.

2.They don’t utilize frozen animal meat. Only the fresh stuff with very good quality protein in their products that originates from individuals they trust and have a relationship with inside the region.

3.The fish are caught in the wild, and the red meat as well as chicken tend to be free range.

4.The ingredients are authorized “fit for human consumption” by the actual Canadian government. (I don’t know if I’ll consume it though!)

5.The food formula is made with the top performance and also health of your own dog or cat.

At times, even the best businesses have moments they wish they might have waved a magic wand and have go away – even those as obsessed with quality as Toyota. But given the dedication to top quality Champion Petfoods provides, I don’t believe there exists a motive to stay away from them, even if there had been an Orijen dog food recall.

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